Interesting to read, yet sorry you have stared mortality in the face. I too think about it as the heart palipations get strong and bp goes up.
When I was a kid, five years old I had a depressed skull fracture 12 o'clock high dead center on top of my head. I remember it like it was yesterday..in and out of consciousness for a week. Then a damn big water evaporator air conditioner fell on my left temporal section and I ended up deaf in that ear. No loss of mental inteligence or behavioral problems but I did have terrible vertigo for years up till nine/ten years old.
I remember waking my Dad and trying to explain how I felt. It was like spinning down and like my whole body felt just that same feeling when your leg "falls asleep" and tingles like mad...both at once.
I can still see his reaction..like why arn't you like the other kids and crawl in bed with them..I knew I was on my own.
I used to spin out and I just layed there. It only happened while I was laying down.
My parents knew but never can I remember telling a doctor untill 2007 after disclosure the professionals discovered the injury and explained the vertigo was from the brain healing.
I never had a problem except the deaf ear and vertigo.

Anyway, hope it clears up. I also have a parotid gland that gave me problems and now I use acupressure to release fluids. Might be that.
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