Hey, Human, welcome to the HIV asylum, so to speak, and thanks for the compliment (I have spel chek).

I was a little weird starting the Gaba a month ago myself. Some MS folk will attest to that!. But I'm okay on 300mg at bedtime and it's pretty much nixed the need for any painkillers otherwise, which is a huge relief. I'm impressed with it.

Foot dragging is an interesting term to use Human. Since my shingles was my right leg, one of the guys christened me "Pizza Leg." Oh, you're our kinda guy! Quad vision? Wow. That's really kewl! (PM me anytime if you're concerned about the HIV test, btw...glad to hold your hand on it).

And, Gary, always coming thru! I'd prefer "Elephant Man" if I could have the one w/Cher, however. ;-P HOW did you miss that? I will definitely email Epix Drive-In and suggest they add you're "Came From Within" title to their lineup. Naturally you've forced me to invoke Carrie Fisher: