My counselor recommended this site to me and I am posting for the first time.

I am a 47 year old gay man who has only in the last year began to deal with the abuse I suffered at the hands of my brother. This has affected every aspect of my life. I am a food addict and my highest weight was 530. I started going to a recovery center 16 months ago and when I stated I weighed 484 pounds and I have lost 211 pounds. I am also in a 12 step program and the spiritual and emotional healing are just as important as the physical. I have done much damage to my body from my obesity and I am doing everything to improve my life.

Now that I have put down the food I need to face up to what happened to me. I struggle with the fact that I have only flashes and some body memories and at times I think that maybe I am wrong but I know in my heart it happened. I am working with my counselor on this now and I need to keep moving in my recovery and posting this is a huge step for me - I am very uncomfortable around groups of men so walking into a group that deals with this right now is just to scary for me.