1) I was with a woman and was having difficulty responding to her advances. She didn't understand. I was a little drunk and blurted out that I was abused as a child (my first disclosure to anyone other than my therapist). Her response: "what a waste."

So that's what I am- a waste? I literally went from being very emotional to feeling absolutely nothing.

2) My current girlfriend (she does not know about my CSA) were discussing her teaching experience and a boy that she had that they were watching close as he had been abusing other kids in the past. She found out that he was a victim of abuse. She then stated, "that's what happens when a boy is sexually abused, he becomes an abuser himself."

Me: "surely not all abused kids turn into abusers themselves?"

Her: "yes, they do. without exception."

Me: "Hmm."
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My profile photo is me around the time of my experience.