ok crew...take a deep breath. a big "i apologize on behalf of those who have posted."

it is possible to disagree and to love, to be offended but not offend, to judge and not say a word, to think terrible things and be kind anyway. it's also possible not to write one word.

worriedpartner came onto this site in order to figure out where she was, where she needed to go, and to generally find some grounding. she was brave in coming to a site where they are a great many people who have experienced hurt on behalf of others. she was also brave in seeking advice and insight.

this site belongs to her as well. friends and family. she has a right to be here and a right to be treated kindly, if that is not possible, everyone here has the right to ignore her.

why add pain to more pain? why not be honest, but gentle? why not remember our own imperfections and our own desire to be understood?