I feel kind of mean so I'm going to vent.

4.5 years later H's parents can finally have a conversation about his abuse without that standard bug-eyed look and running out of the room. I am glad for them, and him, but they are a little late to the party.

There was some boasting on their part, "I wish i knew where that SOB lives!".
I said "I know. I know exactly where he lives. I know where his family lives. I know who they are and what they do for a living."

They had the nerve to looked shocked.

WTF did you think Mr. & Mrs. H's Parents? Your LATE. Your coming in after the party has been cleaned up and the dishes are put away. What did you think I was doing all this time? Acting petrified and running away every time the topic came up?

Nope. I had to deal with it. Part of dealing with it(since we know who he is and he had tried contacting H once before a long time ago when he was in his teens) is making sure I know where the scumbag is, or might be. It's a bit extreme on my part ( I know) but I don't want to wander around in life HOPING I won't run into him since he is not that far away. I want to know where the scumbag is....or might be. Don't boast with me H's parents - I've been through the wringer. He tries to contact my H again and I will hunt him down with a bat. No boasting about it. That was your job a long time ago, perhaps you need reminding (I didn't say that...I just think it).

So H's dad says he ran onto him a while ago. His description was wrong, area was wrong (but close) so at best it was the scumbag's younger brother. I said "T-shirt? Yes? Did you see such and such a tattoo on his left forearm?" ...."No? Oh, no it's not him. Besides the height is to short.". Again, they have the nerve to look shocked.

It's probably not fair but I blame them sometimes. I feel like they should have been more aware of what H was doing.

H told them (in this conversation) about how he had been contacted. His father was quite shocked and annoyed but the mother spent most of that part trying to figure out whose fault it was that H wasn't supervised. Way to go lady. She tries to distance herself from this stuff as much as possible.

I'm not in her shoes so I shut up. My shoes want to occasionally kick her in the *ss though.