Obviously, nothing good ever comes from CSA. We are used and tossed-aside to rot. They toss us to the side while their eyes are down the road, looking to a future.

THEY destroyed our futures.
Non-supporters destroyed our futures.
Betrayers destroy our futures.
No one understands us or our pain but others tossed aside by the same breed of rodent.

We all fully understand you feel you need a change right now and you are free to change your mind in the morning...and we will all understand fully. This is one place where no one will grab your arm and keep you from walking-off. Rather, we'll open the door, wish you well and stand ready in case you call out from the wilderness or come back to retake your chair at this table.

You are very important to us.

We are all in horrendous pain here. Recent events, the holidays, just days...they are all potentially too painful for us.

As you know, I need to use graphics, pictures and music to communicate my real heart and soul (as I did as a kid...or my entire life).

I don't know which one in this picture I am, but one is you.