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Through all the years of pain and loneliness, I have learned one thing - love is the only thing that matters in life. Nothing else matters.

And apparently my purpose in life is to remind others who are complaining about their lives (no money, no job, etc) that they are stupendously lucky to even have had the experiences they have had - love is the only important thing. If you have no love in your life, no amount of money or fame will give you meaning or value in your life

Bullshit. Then according to you my life has no meaning or value. I also don't have the love you crave. The last time I kissed a girl was over 25 years ago. I will not bother going into differences in our details as it is irrelevant. I gave up the pursuit of love as I felt it was unattainable. And I worked to build myself a better life but one without love. Is it the life I would have ideally wanted? No not even close. But I value it as it is what I made and it is mine.