Your speaking out was courageous and honored you. Their response reveals their shortcomings as human beings. You deserve to be believed, validated, supported and accepted.

I find it frustrating because it's not hard to listen, believe someone and validate that yes that experience must have been horrible, it was not your fault and we stand by you as you deal with the aftermath. It costs nothing, hurts no one and it heals tremendously. How hard is it, seriously? How small-minded does someone have to be, to turn their back on someone in pain? (especially one's own son/daughter/brother/family member) -I find it outrageous and sick really.

Sorry if an angry response is not helpful, it just elicits a response from me because you deserve better.

Going to the hospital was admirable. I'm not sure I could have done the same. "Evil's dead-end" was a great way to put it, and inspiring.