Youíre not a looser. It sounds like itís not so much the fact that you are alone as it is how you are perceived by others when you are. For me, the older I get, the less I care what people think of me. Plus, when you start talking to people, you find out that most people are bothered by feelings of insecurity and how they are perceived by others. I think as survivors, these feelings are heightened because as onlyakid stated, many of us struggle with self-esteem, shame, and guilt on top of that.

Being someplace alone doesnít mean you arenít lonely. You can be standing in a crowded room and feel lonely. Try to think less of what others may think and be more present in the moment. Can you really enjoy the movie or that meal alone if you are so worried about what it looks like when you are sitting by yourself? I guarantee you that those same people that you are worried about what they are feeling or thinking about you are feeling the same way to some degree.