Thanks for sharing...my T wants me to go to a 'non specific' group for addiction (mine is sexual obviously) - it is based on the 12 steps. I live in the country and this is the closest thing I am likely to find to SLAA.

I could have written this:
.... I thought that nothing was wrong with me. I just loved sex. maybe a little more than others, but after all I was a man and men love sex, Right?
Well come to find out, acting out two or three times a day was not normal for a man. I was using my addiction for a coping, feel good, or what ever I wanted it to be. And the list goes on and on.

I am so scared to open up to a group that isn't 'full' of guys who know what it took to get me where I am....that they will think the worst of me. But I will give it a go.


Instead of looking for the next sex high, I am now looking for the next "Life High" and getting the same results so to speak. "Satisfaction" without remorse or harm to my self and family. This is a new way of living for me and I love it.
No more secrects, no more hiding my head in the sand. I am begining to feel alive again.

This is what I want for myself and this is why I will go to that meeting.....I hope for my sake that there will be other survivors there. (even though I don't wish that on anyone - but you know what I mean)

More than meets the eye!