Well therapy went okay I guess. I did awesome at least. I went in there and peeled all the layers back. I exposed a parts of me that no one gets to see. I was bawling and emotionally naked but I made myself do it anyway. My H sat there for most of it looking like a deer in the headlights. When the therapist asked him what he thought about the things I said he just said that he wanted to be done.(With therapy) And get out of there. So as per usual we didn't talk about any of his crap. WE just leave therapy and pretend like it didn't happen, because if I bring it up he won't talk about it anyway.
He didnt buy me a christmas present and took off skiing with his family the day after christmas. Yeah my feelings are pretty hurt. I'm tired of him going making up a bunch of crap to support the idea that I think he is a jerk. I feel like he is trying to get me to leave him so that he can prove to himself how unlovable he is. Whatever, I've really had it with him. If he wants to be a coward who lets fear make his decisions for him so be it. I would never treat my him the way he treats me. His selfishness seems to know no bounds. I think that therapy is a waste of time so I'm going to start going without him. I think I'm nearing my breaking point. I'm going to have to change something in order to keep going. I love him so much but I also love myself.
Everything comes from within