I have walked in my shoes quite some time now.

Much pain and much healing. I know nothing like this can ever be seen from only one vantage. Often when we find a path that holds answers, hope and validation we feal like we have found truth. And for us we have. If we wake up tomorrow and long for a new direction or purpose then we should be free to explore a new direction for ourselves. We, I think should also be free to say no to a dream if we are conflicted. Some choises are not that simple and alter our path forever. Fear and wisdom are good enught reason to give your self time to think, feal, grow and heal. As I have healed and matured I have become more free to decide what is right for myself. We, I think can agree that we are sexual creatures and that our sexual nature is a deeply woven part of who we uniquely are. My sexual idenity is part of me. I don't wanted to be labeled as gay, bi, straight, trans, right, wrong. I don't want some study to be used to label or define me. I am not polarized in this argument. If some ones inner being is truly trapped in there body and they can find some relief and healing in altering there body then who am I to say that's wrong? If some one wants to try a therapy to move them away from SSA, and repair something that they feal is in true conflict with who they are then I hope they find relief and healing as well. I think part of the fule that drives this debate is deep pain and yes a bunch of fear. That's ok with me as well. My conflict has not given me any real answers but it has help me to see others in a more accepting light and has helped me to look inward towards my own pain and needs. I think I have come to believe that being known and loved for who I am is very importanted. And not being sorted in to a category or being told this path is valid for you but that one is not. Or you need to accept this label and reality. Or this is not who you realy are it is just a distortion. I wish freedom for us all, even the freedom to disagree.

Freedom to be me,

Be free,



Smart Shadow

Lets debate what love is sometime smile
Just because it's complicated doesn't mean we can't figure it out.