Hello guys, I really need your opinion.

I am in an online community (well, have been for 2 years) and I've liked the experience in general. Everyone is anonymous but I've gotten to add people in the 'real' world and even exchanged presents with them.

But there is one thing, and is that one of the online friends that I interact the most with prefers to remain anonymous. This person pretended to be a celebrity but then admitted to me that he wasn't. Sometimes I feel lonely or depressed and he is there to chat, he gives a lot of encouragement and shares interesting stuff. He says that it's nice for him to see me become the person I want to be.

While all this is not bad, and I'm not really sharing personal data like my name, address, e-mail (maybe some pics in the online community), this thing is starting to freak me out a little. Somebody's need to remain anonymous after all this time just feels weird to me. Now, this person has not asked me anything from my personal data either, actually most of it is just chit chat.

What do you guys think? I must add that I'm paranoid in general.
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