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I wonder what should be penalty for covering such scale of abuse and how many victims could be saved if people were protecting children instead of covering perps frown

Any penalties levied in this case should properly be leveled against the legal profession as a whole (and I do mean every member of the Bar during the period) especially the judiciary. During this time period, the existence of such a "Hearsay" list of unproven charges likely put the Boy scouts at great risk legally- should news of its existence been leaked out and anyone who could not be proven a perp in a court of law sued the Boy Scouts.

The law was definitely on the side of predators, and it is easy at this point to forget just how great the strides are that have been made to protect children in the last twenty years.

I remember when the Vampire Theory was pretty much accepted as fact, and when most allegations against adult perps were presumed by the public to be spurious even if a conviction were obtained. Those last things have not entirely faded away, but they have become less ubiquitous than before.

It is sad that the Boy Scouts did not do more. Certainly in my local troop some of the larger boys preyed upon many of us smaller ones when opportunity arose (not me personally - but some of the johns I had later).

It is only fair to point out however, that the steps they took put them in jeopards at the time they took them. Look at the schools for an example of what was done (or rather NOT DONE)in nearly every other venue.

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