Thanks for sharing this Lancer. We posted this to the MS FB page earlier. I believe it is also vital for people to be mindful that looking through this information can be destabilizing for some people. For example, I discovered the name of someone affiliated with the troop I was a member of as a child in the files. This was not the man who abused me (to the best of my recollection), but simply knowing that I was surrounded by pederasts at that time is itself hard for me to make sense of.

This is the information I posted when I shared the link on the FB page. I think it's also good to share in this thread.


The following link (and image) is from the LA Times created database of allegations of abuse and the records of the recently released Ineligible Volunteer files. The image itself is a stark vision of how great the threat to boys and young men was.

We strongly support transparency and openness, as abuse thrives on secrecy and silence. However it is vital that survivors themselves understand that the information contained in these files can be triggering, emotionally powerful, and may bring memories back to the surface.

Survivors need to be aware that searching through these files can raise many complex emotions and reactions. MaleSurvivor strongly recommends that people reach out to their therapists for support before doing any in depth review of this information.
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