Glad you both made it through. Like Life's A Dream it was very difficult time for me. Sunday night the abuse continued to play like a movie over and over. It has been happening frequently since I visited the place of abuse. No longer snapshots but it is like a movie--vivid and rips at my soul. Monday, very early Christmas Eve am I must have left the house and somehow traveled to DC--about 45-50 miles away without the car.In the early morning hours of Christmas Day I was in the hospital--I blacked out and banged my head and hip. All was ok but the time from Monday to coming back in the hospital is a blur. I tried to figure out how I got to DC--we live in a town without public transportation and I checked the County Commuter buses--learned they were not running on Monday due to a Federal Holiday closing--so no answer. I know the back of one foot was bloodied and the pants stained with blood--so I can only presume I did some serious walking. I was told I blacked out at the Amtrak area in Union Station and fell to the floor. I guess I was trying to flee somewhere--as I am told fugue means flight. I made it back and Christmas Day was very disturbing. I hope with the close of this year--I will get on with my life and not let those that hold me back by criticizing and judging me without any concern or asking a simple are you alright. Instead, I was told I should be institutionalized. They do not know or try to understand how f*** scared and confused I am when I loose time--they ridicule and accuse me of things that I do not know.

So I am looking for a New Year to put as much of the past behind--but I need to accept the abuse will be a part of me for life in order to move forward. That is the positive that came from Christmas and I want this gift from me to me to come to fruition.

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