I have revised my original entry.

I searched through this new database of perversion files for the Boy Scouts. I have a professionaly - made photo of the troop made when I was barely 12. It shows the scoutmaster and the asst. scoutmaster who was a chicken-hawk*. I have remembered the names of about half of the boys and the 2 adults in that picture.

This is my picture, enlarged and cropped from that photo.

I didn't find the name of the man who tortured and abused me when I was 12 at summer camp, but there were two or three sets of files "unavailable" in his area of operation. I assume that his files have been made "secret" for so-called security reasons. He wasn't in the picture because the summer camp was in a totally different venue.

The one guy who became the active Troop Leader and molested me when I was 13 is not on either of the bsa perversion lists. He was the chicken hawk. The regular scout master left to marry a new woman, so the chicken hawk took over. That was in 1952. After that I permanently left the Boy Scouts. I have posted the name and picture of the chicken hawk in a Navy uniform elsewhere in MS. He was possibly not in the perversion files because he joined the Navy.

I was one of the younger boys in that troop 186 which had a lot of sexual activity going on. I felt it was damaging to me and other boys. There was little leadership going on. Yes I have some anger issues about this.

I quickly found 2 names of boys who were in the scout troop with me then. They were just boys then. They were all active in the BSA troop I entered when I was 11. Many years after I left the troop, they apparently moved to other communities and tried to perpetrate sexual activities in local scout organizations. One turned up in Pennsylvania, where he was accused of abuse and the family of the scout was trying to sue the BSA. The adult sister of the boy he abused saw him in the boy scout store and raised a ruckus about it.

The other former scout turned up in Oregon, where he was in the new files for trying to abuse both cub scout and explorer scouts. He was accused of psychological and sexual abuse of a boy according to the newer perversion files.

I found the name of another former scout in the same troop, who was not in the perversion files. I found him by typing "convicted child abusers" into google for the geographic community in which I lived then. He is still in that area.

I will think about posting the names. Of course they are already public in the new listing.


* A "chicken hawk" is a slang word for an abuser of boys. The boys were the "chickens".

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