They are who they are Still, you are... extraordinary. You have taken the worst of humanity's actions and you are Still. We do not disclose for them, we do no heal for them, we are not making this effort for them, not by a long shot. We are doing this for us. You have a right to be selfish, to feel the hatred and rage of a thousand wrongs committed against a child too strong to quit, and to early in the awareness of mankind to be rescued from that horror.

Go ahead fellow survivor, feel that rage burn inside you. Disclose, confront and create strong walls of personal boundaries. Find your safe place. Mine was hundreds of miles from the family that hurt me. The constant reminder of their lies drove me away. Good riddance to that rubbish.

You disclosed. To you, to us and a select few, that is a decades long struggle that you have now summited. There is nothing more they can do for you, nothing more to disclose, it is done. They know what they are willing to take in, time for Still to move on. A new summit, a new peak, a new challenge. Or rest. It is time to rescue Still. Take him from them, find your peace on a horizon far from them, care for your hurt self in solace, in solitude from their lies. Heal separate from them.

Have you considered that you are afflicted with constant geographical and visual triggers? Were you living in a different place, maybe 30 miles away, would that change your perspective? Have you considered getting away for a couple of weeks? No, you probably cannot afford it.

What if you could?
MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014