Just keep fighting my friend, I'm sure you'll discover love and support for self. We all have to find it in ourselves no matter on our stories.
I'm sure you are good man and you didn't waste your time, it is never too late for starting fighting for full recovery.
You know I'm also very confused regarding my sex preferences. But I'm heavily trying to accept my self in full. I hate the fact that I've grown in conservative environment with very strict false moral which I integrated as small kid in full it seems. So by imposing such strict rules I've been hurting myself the most, I'm just starting to break it and look for true self. Till now I've been convicted not to ever have sex (it means something like dangerous situation for my hypervigilant mind) and especially if turns out that I could be gay (in that case it means that I've been doomed forever). So I've been living like frozen for so long and it is terrible difficult to come out of those walls. But I need to try to find my way out if I would like to live freely.
So I'm trying to learn to see myself with "own eyes" and not by "eyes of others".
Keep sharing with us brother, it is much easier when knowing that you are not alone with your struggles. You are not alone!

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