It took decades to get enough courage but I finally told my older brother today. I was sure he was going to tell me I was mistaken or making it up but he didn't. I had never let on to anyone in my family - I was 9 at the time. He said he had wondered because he felt I had 'hinted' of it before but he couldn't ever see it. As I explained it to him he started to understand. What was weird was the man behind the abuse was also one of my brothers favorite teachers growing up that really helped him out - one by giving my brother his first real job and two by sending my brother a wedding gift 5 years later (without even getting an invitation). That is one of the weird parts. I feel the man was buying my silence. By doing such nice things for my brother, certainly if I ever tried to tell, my brother wouldn't believe me because the man was so nice to him. I am feeling great today because someone believe me.
transition from cub scouts to boy scouts wasn't easy. It was hard to go from the safety of den mothers to the world of men and older boys.