Ive posted this on Male survivor, but I would like some advice from you guys too.

After nearly two years on this site and a lot of progress, I thought that things were well.
Now for the third time in two years my wife has asked me for a divorce again.
So what do I do? give up? Im not that sort of person, so again I start to examine my life and well, move into the spare room for now. Last night I lay in bed reading Mike Lews book, and I heard my daughter and wife laughing and joking in the other room.
IT HIT ME, I dont know how to relate to those closest to me, I cant seem to have a relationship with them.
I cant even relate to my daughter, they talk about things that I dont know about, it is like the world has moved on and I have been left behind. Why can I talk to people at work and not relate to my own kin. Why do others think I am great and my family thinks that I am an emotional retard.
I lay in bed and cried all night, I woke up at three in the morning and cried some more.
What the hell is it that I cannot connect to the ones that I love, I know that I love them, but just cant seem to connect?
How can I fix this?

Help Please.

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