Wires attached = definitely NOT a cattleprod, because those need to be self-contained to allow for use on moving, evading targets. External wires connect to an external power source - because the target is immobilized. Because it's a professional fascist torture device.

I'm sorry, Jeff. Sorry you were exposed to that freakshow, and more than a little bit sorry that I'm focusing on it with you now in such lurid detail. I really only do so for two reasons:

1. To make plain that there was never any doubt you were going to break and obey, because that's what professional torturers design their sole-use human torture devices to do


2. To illustrate that in a way it was better off for the "omega victims" that it was you involved and not someone else. Because everybody reading this knows there would have been some 14-year-olds out there, crazy sociopath street kids, who would have leapt at the chance to use that picana rod themselves and crank up the voltage on the littler kids. You KNOW that could just as easily have happened.
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