I started taking illegal drugs as a young child of 3 and have continued doing so to this day .

Now I am 40 years old , and have taken marijuana for 35 years , and I have smoked it chronically for about 30 years .

People say that pot causes brain rot . I wonder what effect this life long marijuana use has had on my intellectual ability .

I never researched the medical properties of marijuana , and although it relieves my anxiety , I don't take marijuana for medical reasons .

I live in BC , Canada where there is a lot of marijuana produced .

I figure , if you are going to use marijuana for a medical purpose , you'd be best off to get some good stuff , but I don't really see it as being a medical sort of thing in most cases .

Try getting a prescription for a six pack of beer to be drunk three times daily for medical reasons .

That's what they did with an alcoholic friend of mine . They gave him rum in the hospital , because going without booze was bad for his well being and health while at the hospital .

Medical marijuana ?