Thank you so much for your reply. Tears filled my eyes as I read your reply. For the first time, folks like you are telling me that it's going to be okay and I am a good man. I was abused through no fault of mine and I was a victim of sexual abuse. What my brother did was wrong and to finally be able to open up to my loved ones and explain to them why the bad things I did, not that it made it right, but I was carrying a lot and I'm so proud of myself to be able to finally come clean and let my counselor and my Danie know.

I so look forward to the day where I can tell my story to my kids and to look them in the eyes and apologize to them for the pain I caused. I so look forward to happines, like you said, it's a tough road ahead but I'm going to take it on knowing that I have support from my counselor, my Danie, and the wonderful people on this website. Thank you again!