*** This is scary and provocative ***

Brain Washing Techniques and Mind Control:

Now that I'm pretty sure that I went through an early version of this as a child, I think it's necessary to point out to others what happened. I think I went through this and emerged out the other side now. What I went through was fairly crude compared to later descriptions. I want to make it clear what went on. ... Yes, I'm just figuring it out myself. I'm just becoming aware of this in a broader context. Why am I doing this? Civic duty. Yes, I am concerned about doing this. Yes I don't need any more destruction in my life than what I've already experienced.

This is my story. It's pretty much exactly as I first remembered it. It's pretty nasty.

There are 2 movies on the Manchurian Candidate which I haven't seen yet. Both of them are called Manchurian Candidate. One is a fairly recent and the other is from 1962 but about events in the 1950's (my timeline).


The 2004 film:

The 1964 film with Frank Sinatra etc.
Notice that the time setting of this movie (1952) was close timewise to what I experienced.

Documentary film on basic mind control techniques:

A document on this subject:

A book on this: (see page 329) The Franklin Cover-up

There was an effort to make certain people mind-controlled slaves. They were originally called Manchurian Candidates. They would on a secret command take on a task which would normally be quite foreign to their personalities. Afterward they would either completely forget the incident (amnesia) or they would dispose of their own self.

Two of the types of mind-control slaves to produce:
1) Assassins. People who would, under a secret signal which could be sent by a telephone message or TV etc, become a killer.

2) Sex slaves. People who would make themselves available for certain activities such as pornography, oral sex, other...

I believe that I was programmed to respond sexually in certain environmental contexts. I think it was oral. I lost some really good friends and I never knew why. Don't think that it was fun for me. It was disastrous. I was the last one to know. It ruined my life more than it otherwise would have been. The generic homily for this is turning into a green monster who people later want to destroy.

Since these programs were started in the early 50's, it can be assumed that they have become more sophisticated in years hence.


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