I witness grown men hardened by life & its hardships in prison
Hearts Melting like butter breaking down with tears as God had used my testimony to penetrate their being

Truly humbled like never before I have never witnessed Anything so Powerful in my life
I am Amazed at Gods Grace i truly realize what serving is all about to see people as Christ sees us ALL I asked for Christ to be Lord of my life and what did that look like ?and over the last few weeks he has shown me

To Do what He would Do Go where He would Go it ended up being a place I honestly do not think i would have gone. To a max prison to witness to child molesters sex offenders addicts and more . I have to admit that was never in my plans .

But as i reflect He has been grooming me for this from the church i attend to the places he has sent me the books i have read and the people He has placed in my life .
Man today i saw the power of God take this wretch of a man that i am and use me for His Will His Purpose and it was better than anything i could have thought up or even imagined myself doing under my own will or ambition .

It was an honor and a privilege to be used in such a way. He used me to preach the Gospel to a gymnasium full of inmates and allowed me to teach a victim impact group for an hour . To see men with the taste of hope in their eyes their hearts pouring out with questions
and with earnest ears wanting and hanging on every word not because of me but what God had been doing through me .

Un freaking believable to be used in such a way that the Spirit took over my lips and poured out in 2 and a half hours unscripted knowledge wisdom and power that could only have come from on high Wow

I witness a young man realize for the first time that he was someone that he was somebody and as he teared up and told me "thank you my heart was touched for the first time"

and as he slapped his chest lightly in tears and said " for me man that is something"

He was standing in unbelief that it had happened that God penetrated his heart and showed him that he could be a child of God

realizing that God loved him and through me he could see that he could be changed

I am in tears thinking wow He is going to make it he has something he had never had
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus