Wow Lee, those are good news.
I'm glad to hear that your half brother was interested for talk and I hope it will be healing experience for both of you.
You have been very brave in your wish to go trough all this, I'm so proud on you smile
Yeah, there were couple important hms that you wrote and that could be problematic during talk. I would be a little bit worried because he didn't go trough counseling for abuse and if there are some terrible unknown facts (for example if he was abused by someone before he went on you, or if that abuser could be some family member etc.) it could be also that some difficult memories for him (or you) could emerge during or after talk with you, so please be ready for anything frown
Maybe you would have couple more meetings with your T before you'll meet your half brother?
Those are my thoughts on all this.
Hang on (((Lee)))
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