Not the best response you could have gotten from her. Many people are not "active listeners" and by reflex change the subject back to themselves; that's understandable, that's ok. But you describe her as near-totally unsympathetic, not comforting you or saying you deserved better or even saying how much it meant to have the truth out. That's not cool. Hopefully she was just taken by surprise and will act better on this info later.

If I live to be a billion I will never understand people who think porn is evil and only freaks look at it. It wasn't right to shame you over that.

WTF is it with people who don't get how to respond to secrets?

Regardless, it was courageous of you to tell her and you picked the best setting possible I think.

Don't mention the stuff about dudes. If she doesn't like you even THINKING about other WOMEN.... there are certain levels of truths that are more appropriate for some people. It doesn't make them bad people, any more than being the guy who can barely grasp remedial math.

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