It is not your fault because you "returned to your abusers." You are human, you need contact and attention. Where else was it avaiable? When your choices are so liomited how can you even think you had a choice? If you had no choice, trhere can be no fault!

We are damaged goods, whgether we are willing to believe we have healed or not nthe truth is we were damaged. The damage doesn't stop when it begins, but makes you more vulnerable, with fewer choices and no alternatives.

I have a different story, I would not have accepted it was not my fault. I thought nI had choices and I made bad ones. I thought I had prostituted myself. But it never occureds to me that it was my fdault and if anyonme had told me it wasn't my fault I would be waiting for the next shoe to drop. What did trhey want from me now. Even when I was abused, violated AND betrayed, the idea that I could value what they said, was crazy. All I could do was process it and try to face the next performance.

It is not hearing that it was not your fault it iks understanding that you were a human child with needs thAT WERE NOT MET. yOU TRIED TO FIND WHAT YUOU COULD TO SURVIVE (Sorry about the caps I ahve so much triouble typing.