Hi guys, Right so heres my back story. I have a very close male friend.. a boyfriend I suppose you would say although we havnt labeled it as that to family and friends yet. He is roughly my age (19/20) and today he confessed to me that he was sexually abused as a child. I have a fairly checkered history myself in that my first boyfriend died, and a very close friend of mine has been in prison for manslaughter, and i started having sex at a very early age. However I have never before come across someone I knew had bee abused. Him telling me was a very big step in our relationship and im really confused about how to help him for the best. He seems a little withdrawn since he told me but i suppose that is to be expected?

Are there any topics I should avoid or broach as we begin to get our baring with the new sittuation and generally does anybody have any advice about my predicument?