I have that same thought--the children who lived through the shootings--seeing the gunman and bullets flying can only have horrific memories. Their lives will forever be changed. Hopefully, all will receive comprehensive care and counsel. Even though these children and adults survived they will face their own challenges of accepting and integrating these events into their lives. Many will be able to achieve a sense of acceptance, but others for unknown reasons will not be able to accept and will be haunted for a lifetime. They will encounter triggers--a loud noise, a sound or place--and may turn to vices to escape the pain. My heart goes out for all the children and adults who loss their life from this senseless and selfish act but we cannot forget those that survived and lived through these traumatic events. I am hopefully, people will not react--get over it, move on or try to deny these events impacted their lives because they survived. As a child trauma impacts the mind profoundly and years later children victimized can experience PTSD and may be deprived of the life they deserved.

Let's remember those who lost their lives as well as the survivors who directly lived through these traumatic events.