i do feel better after i told my close friend (yes just one friend knows this), that i was molested by my dad's employee in my young age repeteadly. but i honestly just feel the urge to tell because i learned that he died last year. i was so relieved to hear that. but turned out when i was alone in my room that night i cried. i cried and those vivid images felt like they were coming to live, i thought i enjoyed the caresses, well i was still probably just 7 or 8 at the time so i didnt really understand.
true i never talk to any proffesionals about this. i cant even tell my other friends about this cos in my opinion it really is an embarassing stuff to tell, but its killing me inside not to tell so most of the time i would dismiss the thoughts, thinking it will do me no good to think about it. but sometimes it would just surfaces but i keep on supressed them in deeper.