Hi Valkyrie

I was reading the post relating to your visit with the husbands T, and I am glad that it went well.
I had a thought on going to a marriage councillor, and what struck me is that I was not ready to go to a marriage councillor until I had sorted out myself. I was absolutely in no state to repair a broken marriage when I could not even help myself.

In hindsight It might have been wise to do a little work on the marriage, but I don't know how ready I was for that or if I would even have coped.
Right now I am happy, things have worked out for us and I feel that I now know who I am and I can now focus on spoiling the woman that I KNOW I love and want.
It has and is still taking time to build up trust again, but that could take years, but the most important thing is that I am well and able to focus on things other than myself, even when I was not dealing with my CSA, I was so self centred and selfish. I really don't know how this precious gem of a woman put up with my crap for so long.

You guys are all in my prayers and I wish you all a speedy recovery from the darkness that is CSA.

Heal well all
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