HI txpwrcat

Im so sorry that you need to be here, but really glad you are.

So many wise words have preceded me in this post, and all I can say is that when I was being a "real Jerk" it was not the real me, it was the broken hurt damaged me, the one that was trying to make sense of the world.
I was so damaged that I did not really care about the ones that I love, didnt care if I hurt them with my horrible words, my horrid actions.
Once I had healed, so much changed, I am more attentive more caring, more in tune with others needs. Life for myself and my family is a lot better, not perfect but better.

A past president of MS put it well when he said that his wife ended up with a better man than the one that she had married.

This is what I wish for all the partners here, but remember that there is going to be a lot of hurt and a lot of crying before that happens.

Take care of yourself first, I know you love him, but with out a strong you his healing is going to be harder. Remeber that tough love is what you need to employ now, to protect you and to help him.

Heal well
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