Hey Clockwise,
I'm sorry you had to endure such a day. As someone who was injured at work while he was in training, I can relate. My scores on the written tests were really high, but a moment of complacancy in the practical stuff occurred and I have a broken finger. Everyday, atleast once one of the supervisors makes a joke about my intelligence and skill.

A couple of days ago, they wanted me to drive a tractor and I was hesitant, but I agreed since I'm still in my probation period and I didn't want to give them a reason to fire me. Anyways, I had trouble reversing the tractor mainly because I hadn't gotten used to driving with one hand. To this, the supervisor started saying things like, "are you for real? Where did you buy your license? Hey guys, check this guy out?" I felt so ashamed. I got out of the tractor, and explained I couldn't do it.

The next day, as I started to clarify a message from a manager, the supervisor cut me off,

"Shut the fuck up". I just wanted to run away and hide. I carry a pocket book without me to write down thoughts, but it was the last thing I wanted to do. Writing didn't seem like it was going to help or it would be enough. I spent the rest of shift trying to dodge people altogether. Afterwards, I chain smoked like I wanted Cancer. Eventually, my thoughts calmed and the tunnel vision was gone.

I hope you don't think I'm hijacking your post. I just want you to know that I get it. I'm still waiting for the day when I can take things lightly, and get the bigger picture, without the help of my numbing substances.

P.S. Eventhough I get treated like an idiot for getting injured, plenty of peolle have actually come up to me and empathised by sharing their own personal injury stories. I guess it all depends on the type of person.

Tace care, friend.