They will Gary, those on the outside, unaffected will blindly continue their lives. What we need to take away from this is that 20 families will not have their child to tuck in, to play ball, to graduate and have careers and get married. Those people who have lost, they do not get their lives back. They will suffer for decades. Those outside people however, will have a brief look at tremendous pain and suffering, and hopefully when a child protection referendum is voted on or a child is in danger it will move them to action instead of allowing more children to suffer. A small amount of awareness moves the proverbial "mountain" in favor of awareness and advocacy.

That is why MS is here, to support male sexual abuse victims and their supporters finds the hurt child and grow with them. In looking around the web, there is nothing to compare with the level of immediacy and intense support as found at MS. Someone became aware of the pain and tremendous suffering of male sexual abuse survivors and began this organization, from a small amount of awareness.

While I hope this tragedy never occurs again, we know that something good comes from it. Someone responds, someone changes, someone acts. Your post here is something good that came from it as you reach out in sympathy and support for those suffering. Your generosity is more than you may have been at one time, a positive step.
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