TRIGGER WARNING - Please do not read if you don't like discussions of penis size or remembering your childhood.

I'm sorry to bring this up again. I tried Googling my questions, but I couldn't find any matches.

When you first saw a penis bigger than your own (in the real world, not porn), how did you feel, honestly? If you felt inadequate or embarrassed or ashamed, how did you overcome that, (if you did)? Try to remember back to that first time, and try to remember how it made you feel. How did you learn to shrug it off? Did a lover liking your penis help you to overcome this?

I'm sorry to ask this, but I really want help with this. I always feel ashamed and inadequate, like I'm not much of a man.

I know all the platitudes - bigger isn't necessarily better, you can't judge a penis when it's flaccid, be happy with what you've got because you can't change it, etc etc etc. But when you lock eyes with a guy who has a bigger penis, and he sees that you have a smaller penis and he smirks at you because he knows he's bigger and better, how can you not feel inferior? And yes, this hypothetical DOES happen sometimes.

Thank you in advance for your input, my brothers. You are the only ones I can ask this of.

You don't have to be perfect to be wonderful.