Infinity? Perception? You? I always looked at it like “can you perceive infinity? Meaning can the senses you have perceive infinity. I like CG say yes for the same reason he does, every interaction with every creature great or small on this planet affects them and their infinity ever so slightly, when you are in love a much greater part of yourself affects a much larger part of anothers infinity which in turn affects you in kind so extrapolate that out and every one of us is affecting everyone elses infinity ect. See one thing I do know for sure is that your perception is limitless it is not bound by just 5 senses, think love, think caring, these things are infinite they will affect forever everyone who comes in contact with everyone you love and care about. I think the issue here is that guys like us naturally live in the negative of love; hate and self-loathing, so much so we spend too much energy trying to destroy ourselves, so much was taken but nothing was given in return, our abuse was just abuse not love, the things we were part of were meant for love not the horror that has forced us to realize how negative infinity works. It is a great destroyer, look at the guys who come back from war, they suffer PTSD just like us, they lost their humanity by the things they like us had no choice but to be a part of, not trying to compare war trauma with csa just saying they both can lead to PTSD. Infinity is infinite it will never stop, its boundless, its timeless, its everything around us, it is us and we are it; it is the god within us. We have the choice every waking second of our lives to be positive in the universe, we also can do the opposite, something us gentlemen reading this know all too well. See that’s what I see as the greatest problem we face as a people, so much hate, so much killing so much pain and misery inflicted by each other, it’s a huge problem but not insurmountable, it just takes one person at a time to realize the affect they can have positively on everyone around them.

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine