(((All of you)))

It was an ugly and painful day that kicked the shit out of me. It's sort of retreating now, the world kept turning.

I wanted most of all to hide away from my 4-year-old son that night. He is my shadow, a total daddy's-boy, and it would be unthinkable to appear weak or fragile in front of him. But he was SO upset that Daddy wasn't home on time, that Daddy was working late, that nobody said where Daddy was, that I figured it was cruel to keep him in the dark, so once I was more stabilized and could sit up and fake a smile my wife let him in.

The look on his face helped a great deal. He gave me a kiss to help "the boo-boo in your belly" and then demanded I figure out his newest Transformers. He stared at what I was doing, pressing his cheek to mine in fascination. It was REALLY important and for a few minutes all other problems in the universe were secondary, including mine.

He will never know this, never deal with this, never have any of these issues in his life. I will be sent to prison for murder before anyone lays a hand on him. He will have bad days in his life and might even get food poisoning during the workday, but he will be one of the 5 in 6.

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