Hello every one,

Thank you for reading my post.
Since I started exposure therapy to reduce the effects of PTSD type 2, I noticed that the amnesia, that clouds the memories of my childhood, starts to spread into 'normal' day to day life.
In other words, the more I uncover from the past, the more holes seem to appear in the 'normal' part of my life which used to be totally disconnected from the abnormal abuse I suffered a long time ago. Of course I have been carrying that weight every moment of the day but without being aware of it. This is slowly changing so I do see what is going on, what is triggering panic responses but at the same time it seems like the black holes in my memory which used to be reserved for all the bad stuff are starting to appear everywhere.
This worries me as I get confronted with people who cannot believe I don't remember things that I did, said or was a part of. Sometimes I even forget what is said right after someone tells me something.
Does anyone experience something similar while in active therapy?

Empty as I am.