It is helping me a lot to see that what I went through when I was 12 was part of a much larger scheme of things.

I've been reading more about MK-Ultra and it's origins and it's practices.

I believe I see now that my perp. was part of a much larger scheme. It was 1951. The Korean war had recently ended, and some of our soldiers had returned having been brain-washed and tortured by North Koreans, and in what was called Red China then. The feeling on this side of the pond was that our intelligence services were weak, and that our 'boys' (soldiers) were being brain-washed and we didn't know anything about it. My abuser's father was part of organizing a new military intelligence operation. He had become preeminent during World War II and he then became the one to assume that responsibility. They wanted to be able to combat the brain-washing going on in North Korea and adjoining Chinese territories, and even do them one better. This conflict continues even today as we see the North Koreans firing a successful rocket into space (only yesterday).

So Our newly-appointed intelligence services started up (Forgive me please if I'm a little bit inaccurate here as I was only a small child then. I have had to connect the dots in many cases where I had incomplete information). They wanted a military intelligence (now the NSA) and a civilian intelligence, which became the CIA. They had some lavish dreams, apparently, which seemed to justify experimentation on human beings, including children. Although this has been hushed up, there is evidence that children were used in all kinds of experiments, including administration of hallucinogens (LSD) and creation of multiple personality disorder. They used torture, isolation, degradation, sexual activities in that objective.

I have several sources of information on this. Some of them I cited in my previous post.

Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists, by Colin A. Ross, MD.

So, my abuser, because of his relationship to the general setting up the intelligence services, must have come to have a roll in the instigation of these services. They were intelligent, forceful, and creative people. My abuser apparently had the quality of being brutal. He was allocated this role and since he had recently emerged from scouting in the Washington area and from an honored college. He was respected in scouting circles and so it must have led to a dual role, to be helpful in scouting activities while carrying out some of the early experiments leading to MK-Ultra, Project Bluebird, and Project Artichoke.

It was 1951. I happened to be going to the scout camp for the greater Washington area. My abuser had a role as one of the important "leadership" persons there. He must have sized me up as a possible candidate for his abuse, which he would have thought to be part of a larger program in how to learn to brainwash and program people for other uses.

Originally Posted By: Colin A. Ross in Bluebird, page 3

BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director on April 20, 1950. In August 1951, the Project was renamed ARTICHOKE. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE included a great deal of work on the creation of amnesia, hypnotic couriers, and the Manchurian Candidate.

Originally Posted By: Colin A. Ross in Bluebird, page 9

Dr. Estabrooks did experiments on children ... His experimentation on children raises the possibility that investigators have attempted to create Manchurian Candidates in children. Such a possibility might seem far-fetched until one considers the LSD, bioligical and radiation experiments conducted on children,....

So I was abused by him in a tent. I have previously written descriptions of what I went through. There was no LSD, as far as I know, and no electric shock, since it was in a camping setting and we didn't have electricity there. But I got everything else: restraint by being tied with ropes, degratation (being shitted and peed on), forced sex with him and other boys, brainwashing with a knife, and torture by having various stuff thrust up my ass. I watched another boy killed. An attempt was made to kill me also by smothering by deep throating. It was very damaging, to say the least.


PS Added 12/18/13 The quotes from Dr. Colin Ross are originally from a book written by Dr. Ross:

Bluebird : Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists Paperback
by Colin A. Ross

Colin Ross has done a huge amount of work to rehabilitate survivors of abuse, especially those with DID (Multiple Personality Disorder). His work and writings have been quoted often and He can be seen in various Youtube vids.

Project Bluebird was the name of the stuff going on when I was abused at the scout camp. It was soon changed to Artichoke and then to MKUltra. Other names were used. Monarch was then the name given to the programming sex slaves and other kinds of mind-controlled slaves.

I believe that their agenda was not firmly in place at the time they worked on me. Also I believe that I was not selected (fortunately) as a programmable Monarch candidate because the experiments had the effect of making me terribly depressed and they increased my social alienation. A Monarch candidate was supposed to be a kind of Superman.

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