Haven't been on here for a while because life is great and I don't need the support like I used to. Something drew me here today. Now I know what. Your question!
I am a survivor. I attended Hope Springs WOR in 2011. It was by far the most life altering thing I have ever done. I had been in active recovery (reading, journalism,seeing a therapist regularly) for a year before I felt I was ready for the WOR. I am copying my testimonial to Male-survivor below for you to read. It is probably the most heartfelt thing I have ever written. My advice to anyone wanting to go from victim to survivor is to get a good therapist, take the time to do the work and attend a WOR when it feels right.I say a good therapist because not all therapists are equipped to really help a male survivor. I saw 3 before finding the one who has helped guide me through the healing process. Like all others I talked to, I was scared s***less going to the WOR. I didn't know what to expect. I felt a sense of overwhelming calm and acceptance the moment I walked in and sat down. I have since gone through a divorce, started a household with my son, gotten a girlfriend and can honestly say that life is amazing now.

If you or your husband have any questions, feel free to ask. Either in the discussion boards or feel free to private message me also if it is more comfortable. There are many of us here who have been in your husbands position at one point in our lives. Life can be good again!!!!!! Good luck and God speed!


To All, You dared me to look inside myself. You dared me to share what I saw. You dared me to become aware of my feelings. You dared me to share those feelings with you. You dared me to hear another man's story. You dared me to connect with him and share his pain. You dared me to tell my story. You dared me to share my pain with you. You dared me to connect with little Matt. You dared me to let him play. You dared me to dream!

Ever since I started this journey last November I have been taking steps. Baby steps, medium steps, large steps, backwards steps, sideways steps. Always steps, but never more than steps. At Hope Springs 32 men and 3 women held my hand and dared me to leap. I leapt, landed safely and leapt again. Each of you have a special place in heart. Each of you brought and shared something unique. Each of you were individuals. Together you were my family. I will always remember and celebrate the 4th weekend in October as my rebirth day.

Your friend and brother,
Hope Springs alumnus 2011
´┐ŻEverything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.´┐Ż
Hermann Hesse

Hope Springs alumnus 2011