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In response to your statement about Article 120.

Although, Military "Death Sentences" are ordered as punishment in a Court Martial, it is not generally known that since the United States Disciplinary Barracks, commonly known as "The USDB" where most Military Personel (from all branches of the United States Services) are housed after a conviction is handed down, is located in Kansas City, Kansas.

The State of Kansas, DOES NOT have the Death Penalty, and even though the USDB is Federal Property it sits on Kansas soil, therefore, the Death Penalty can not be carried out, because of the laws of that state.

Yes, the USDB has an official Death Chamber, the Death Penalty can not be carried out, because of the laws of that state.

So, those with a death sentence will sit on Death Row, until they naturally die, or they are "Federally Transfered" to a Federal Prision in a State that has the Death Penalty. And as an FYI, it has been many many years since the Military has actually carried out an actual "Execution Order" for the sentence of death.

So, as to your orginal statement, "Why hasn't the military sought more convictions under Article 120?"

Plain and simple, An "Execution Order" will never be carried out to begin with, so most JAG, Prosecuters will not seek the Death Sentence. And, if it is sought out by the Prosecutor, it is only sought out, if there is considerable press coverage of that particular incident with that soldier or sailor, and/or if after the Commanding General of that Base's Jurisdiction {where the offense(s) took place} is heavily urged by the Commanding General of that base to be persued and carried out.
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