This just made me feel all warm and fuzzy....until this bit obviously...

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Tuesday was a terrible day, full of public extreme humiliation and my heaviest triggering and worst setbacks since I started trying to deal with all this shit. I can't believe I got out of bed this morning. I wrote the "Monday" story so I could cling to it as much as the email replies themselves. I'll have to write the Tuesday story later just to get it out.

I guess just like you I'm clinging to Monday for now.....but I am ready for Tuesday's story too. Boy this recovery thing is like a rollercoaster sometimes. It just goes to show that 'people' are ok....mostly. Thanks for sharing that part of yourself with us. It is great to see some 'normal' on here.

I have a confession to make .... I collect action figures too .... mostly G1 Transformers (from when I was a kid) and Starwars. That group sounds fantastic!!! My friends all think it's nerdy but for me it is something 'happy' I can cling to from my childhood.

Thanks again


PS. I understand about wanting people who 'really' know you 'know'.
More than meets the eye!