Hay cee
Hope all is well with you

Yea so the DID assessment is righ. I went through this about six years ago.
Looked into the idea of mp and low and behold I started talking to my self or parts of my self. They did all of the talking, fealings thoughts emotions. It was wild. Animated fragments of the mind. I gave them a voice and the would not shut up.
In my head was life hope fear dread good and evil. Got a bit out of control for me.

I went to a T who was well quite gifted. 6 session later and some home work and the voices and a lot of negative thinking was gone.

A few days ago I started rambling here. And this is the stuff that came out.

Ok good to know what's just under the surface.

I was afraid today. I have always wanted to know what's under the hood. But

The T closed some door, did some time with the little iner child, made him safe.

Things are nicely tucked in. So I conclude I keep it that way.

My wife dose not need another go around like the last time I looked under the hood.

My loving wife want me to do what ever it takes to get whole but that could kill me. That's a lie but it look like I still believe it.

Oh we'll, shutting the hood for now anyway.


my wife told me tonight that I have been acting like a ten year old the past few days. Made me laugh. I have just been working on being more present and real.

All is well with me.

Take care

Also - I am starting to trust thanks to all of you and yes thanks to this ms forum.

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