Doug thatís wild Iím in metro Seattle til Christmas then Iím off for 2 weeks just weird. See the security of the road, the security of being alone the comfort of being all alone even in the big city, just no trees or critters around. You can tell everyone a different story every day of the week no consistency with anything you do or say, you donít have to, no one will hold you accountable for anything except getting the job done, of course you canít piss anybody off, but then again who cares the boss is 3000mi away and you know you donít have to answer the phone right?
Way & Doug see thatís something that I canít understand either I spent 5 years on a submarine and know 1st hand what happens to like thieves, but your stuff I just donít get? I mean Iím sure it goes on in the submarine force but you gotta understand 120 guys if 3 people know everyone knows, I mean gossip is king, youíre under the water, no tv ,no news, hell on deployment you might not even know who won the superbowl for a week. I have no idea of what itís like except on a boat, your life depends on everyone onboard doing everything they can when the shit hits the fan, not to be presumptuous but I would assume itís the same right, let alone if someoneís shooting at you! I couldnít imagine what it would be like to be stuck on a sewer pipe for 6 months with your sworn enemy, much less if he was in your watch section or division, man I couldnít even imagine if it was a fellow sonarman in your watch section and having to spent 6 hours of every 18 with him, dude I woulda stabbed him in the neck!!!

Cee; former STS1/SS & plankowner on the beautiful SSN7*7
"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine