Thank you so much for sharing, WriterKeith. Every Survivor on here has a different story but I think you all can find something in common in one way or another. That's what I was hoping to find - other people to relate to my husband's story and vice versa in order to find ways to prepare myself when/if he's ready to confront the past and to find ways to process the complicated thoughts I'm having in my head. Because he asked me to protect his secret, I have to hide it too, but it eats me up. It's strange that it's hitting me so hard now (he told me probably about 7 years ago when we were still dating), but like I said before, I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that his perpetrator is on Facebook and in contact with my m-i-l.

The day before I found this place, I broke down in the shower just thinking about everything, but I couldn't tell him how I was feeling because I don't want to bring up the pain for him.