Yuppers, the winters I lived in Illinois and the tri-State area there was great..I travelled America with my equipment/coonhounds in a Step-Van job shopping contracts in the wood finishing industries.
Also lived in the Copper River basin Alaska 197-75 in total off-grid log cabin and off the land. The dry cold there was different than the lake effect in Illinois.
I identify with many of the posts about aloneness and isolation. It wasn't untill I no longer work and choosing a place to live...I discovered why I always hit the road and built a career which enabled a run from everything lifestyle.
I don't like being at home..I have no materialistic or domestic values. I never fully furnished the homes I rented and owned.
No fotos on the wall, no family ties, or stuff folks collect and furniture..Televisions or stereos..I can't even turn on a TV nowadays..no shit.
It was me and my artwork, career and the coonhounds.
Now...no longer working I have had to practice being comfortable stayingvin one place...I moved five times since just being here...all within a mile and each time no problems...just like hitting a onramp and down the road.
I lived in maybe 200 different places since 1977.
Right now visiting a lifelong buddy in Vancouver Washington. We were in the Marines together..1st Recon Bn. He remembers when I was abducted. We don't talk much about it though anymore.
So I return in mid-January and plan to rest up a month then do some Island Hopping with my bike..cost $35 to fly the bike...and visit each island for a month. The weather is nice enough to camp and get cheap ohana lodging when I desire...most locals will invite island hoppers to stay with them talk story and aloha then travel on.
I hope you fullfill your desire to do life on Vermont and gain true happiness. We survivors deserve that inner peace and external harmony after what we've been thru and your wife too!
Good chatting on this thread and maybe I'll stick around this time,
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