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As a 12-year-old little boy I of course had little insight as to how the abuse I experienced would fit into a larger picture.

I have been reading a book which I think gives a lot of insight as to how my experience in being abused for 2 weeks at scout camp fit into a larger picture. The book is: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal, by Nick Bryant.


The problem was that my abuse took place in 1951. I had no idea that it might be linked to events way outside of my experience.

The first thing that happened was that the abuser visited my mother while I was at school in November 1951. I was appalled when I came home from school and learned of it. He brought a leather badge of accomplishment that I had "attended Camp Theodore Roosevelt". It heightened my fear. He knew who I was and where I lived. He had threatened to find me and kill me if I ever "told". The threats were accompanied by placing the point of a hunting knife against my ribs so I could feel it.

But this book on the Franklin Scandal seems to open up a lot of insight as to what happened. There is an entire chapter in this book on child abuse and sex rings in Washington DC. There was a pedophile ring leader named Craig Spence,



I identified the photo of my abuser in a previous post, where he is wearing a military uniform. The setting of the picture is a high-level meeting about the testing of LSD on civilians and military personnel.

On page 315 of the book I cite above, it says that

We had some very big-name clients in all walks of life...in the military, and....

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King said they had clients who actually liked having sex with kids as they tortured them or killed the kid.

These statements seemed to agree with my experience and shed light on it.

Another quote from this book, The Franklin Scandal:

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Bonacci also told me about a high-ranking military officer who was in cahoots with King and
Spence's pedophilic blackmail enterprise -- he said that the military officer in question was a Satanist and a pedophile. The military officer Bonacci alluded to is an admitted Satanist, and he was implicated in the molestation of several children.

OK. Now to return to another aspect of my experience, I was abused at a summer camp for boys... I found the following reference to experimentation in the use of LSD on children in summer camps. I was not subjected to LSD in 1951 (fortunately). The book I cite is: A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, From the Cold War to the War on Terror, by Alfred W. McCoy.


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From 1953 to 1963.... slip LSD ... ... pumped hallucinogens into children in summer camp...

So, yes, I think this is an allusion to experimentation on children in summer camps. Yes I was a child in a summer camp. I think my abuser had easy access to children in summer camps. I think he used that as a jumping-off-place for abuse and even experimentation on children. This seems to augment my experience where I thought he was experimenting with torture and brain-washing techniques.


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